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Decades of experience in bringing painless surgery to ailing Healthcare Billing processes, we know how to deliver a smile or two ourselves. As the healthcare delivery system continues to be more intricate, with insurance companies reducing their fee schedules, finding different ways to deny claims and compliance we find standardized platforms hardly scale. We bring our 75 collective years of experience to stitch you a fine tailor-made process that fits you just right. Be it optimizing your current process or just incorporating Best Practices from our Assessments Program, You get started Right Away!

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FQHC Billing Challenges

On our blog previously, we looked into the basics of what FQHC is. Today we will go through some of the challenges that most practices face when billing for an FQHC service. If you have not read our previous blog, you can read it here Billing for a FQHC clinic can...

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Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC)

Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC)

Let's get to know about FQHC today! We have all heard about FQHC & RHC and how different they are from the other clinics. FQHC & RHC are two separate type of clinics with different requirements. Today, we will take a look at FQHC, about it's inception and...

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