Advanced Imaging Radiology

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Advanced Imaging / Radiology

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Advanced Imaging and Radiology Speciality Coding

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Advanced Imaging and Radiology Coding

“Specialty providers deserve specialty coders.” That’s what we believe at Total RCM Solutions and that is what we provide for Advanced Imaging Centers and Radiologists.

At Total RCM solutions, we take our coders through additional education and training so that they specialize in specific areas, just like many physicians and surgeons. Our coding educator, certified by the AAPC as a Coding Instructor, has developed a training process that allows us to be among the experts in Advanced Imaging and Radiology coding.

Our coders have experience coding the wide-range of Advanced Imaging and Radiology procedures/services your practice provides and can help improve the efficiency of your practice’s revenue cycle.

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Our Specialized Advanced Imaging and Radiology Coding Solutions Include:

  • All clinical and surgical documentation reviewed by Certified Coders
  • Coding completed within 48 hours from receipt of all source documentation
  • Coding experts that can educate your staff to ensure appropriate documentation and compliance
  • Regular internal audits to monitor coding performance, accuracy, and compliance
  • Quarterly reports on provider-level coding and documentation performance